Tel: 510 843 8002
Fax: 510 540 4808
2320 Woolsey St., # 201
Berkeley, CA 94705

DeMott & Ross Goes-Live!

Dr. DeMott & Dr. Ross are officially open for patients today in their beautiful new space.

Thanks to each team passing the baton from one phase of the project to the next. It took a village to get us ready to open for business! Special thank you to Kim for driving the Medicare web portal registration, and WCI professional delivery on construction.

- Unju Chi


We will be moving our office in the near future.   The move is exciting for us as the new office is larger and will allow us to provide better service to our patients.  We are planning to open our doors at the new site on April 1, 2014.   The new space is currently being renovated, and as with any major project, it is possible that our move will be delayed due to construction issues.  If you have an appointment in early April, please call the office or check the website for updates regarding the move-in date.

Our new office will be located at 2320 Woolsey Street (at Telegraph Avenue), Suite 201, Berkeley, CA  94705.   Our telephone and fax numbers will remain the same.  Tel 510-843-8002; our fax number is 510-540-4808.

You may notice that the building also has an Oakland address, which is 6699 Telegraph Avenue, as the city border runs through the property.   We are on the “Berkeley side” of the property, and the parking lot entrance is on Woolsey St., so we are using the Woolsey Street address for all correspondence.  Woolsey is between and runs parallel to Ashby and Alcatraz.

The new office offers significant improvements. We will have an expanded waiting room and reception area, as well as more exam rooms and a dedicated nursing station that will allow us to reduce wait times for our patients. These improvements will eventually allow us to offer expanded drop-in appointments for nursing procedures such as immunizations and blood pressure checks.  We are also developing a new website to help us communicate better with our patients.  Look for ongoing improvements with expanded internet services for your convenience.

As many of you are aware, we are not moving by choice, as we are tenants at our current location and the building owner is not renewing leases for any of the tenants.   However, we very are happy with the new space, and feel confident that the move will provide better and more convenient service for our patients.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our newly remodeled and expanded office.