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_0003_PharmacistPlease call your pharmacy for refills of current medications.  Your pharmacy will contact us directly if you have run out of medication refills.  If you have not seen your doctor recently, if you are calling about a medication originally prescribed by another doctor, or if you have not obtained required laboratory testing or other follow-up your prescription refill may be delayed.

If you are calling the office directly for a prescription and leave a message please leave the following information:  your full name, date of birth, the name of the medication (please spell the medication slowly as many medication names sound alike), the dose, the directions for the medication, the quantity you would like to have filled and the number of refills you are requesting, and the name and contact information for your pharmacy.   If you do not provide complete information your refill may be delayed.

Controlled substances such as narcotic pain medications, sleeping medications and some anxiety medications require special handling.  Please call the office or your pharmacy at least a week before you need your refill.  These medications will not be refilled if you are requesting an early refill or have not seen your doctor recently.  We abide by all FDA and DEA regulations and these medications require frequent monitoring, often cannot be refilled over the phone, and may require a visit with your physician in order to obtain refills.