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_0001_cuddlynurseOur practice has deep roots in our East Bay community.  The practice was originally founded by Dr. Morton Meyer just after World War II and after serving in the Army Medical Corps during the war. Dr. Meyer was one of the first (maybe the first) internists in the Berkeley area, and was fond of saying that he started practicing medicine before penicillin was discovered and when house calls were the norm.  Dr. Meyer retired at age 80 and turned his practice and patients over to Dr. DeMott and Dr. Ross.

We continue to live and work in the Berkeley area and see ourselves as part of a long tradition of service to the community.  We continue to care for many of Dr. Meyer’s patients, and the many patients who have joined the practice in the last twenty years.  Although the medical environment continues to become more complex and in many ways more difficult, we continue to make occasional house calls, and to tailor our care to the needs of individual patients and to the community.  Although our practice at one time consisted of a dozen or more providers, most have left the Berkeley area, retired, or become employees of large health care corporations.  We have chosen to remain in Berkeley, and remain independent so that we answer only to our patients, and continue to be deeply rooted in the East Bay community.